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All manner of goods can be transported between levels easily, safely and effortlessly using a Lyfthaus split level lift. Bins, pallets, roll cages, barrels, drums and boxes can be transported vertically to heights of 3000mm at the touch of a button without the need for steep, back breaking, space consuming ramps.  Load capacities to 5000Kg are available as well as highly adaptable platform sizes from 900mm x 600mm to 9000mm to 6000mm and everywhere in-between!

An exceptionally popular choice for architects when planning refuse bin movements within buildings and external areas including bin stores in commercial and residential developments. The lift platform can be virtually the same size as the load and in most applications an attendant can also travel on the lift. Steps and stairways need no longer be a problem, architects and designers can build a split level lift into plans that eliminates ramps and the huge amounts of space they require.

Handrails, gates and barriers are designed to suit your requirements with various styles available as well as bespoke options. Gates are interlocked to prevent accidental access. Lifts can be finished in a choice of colours and paint grades and the platform surface can be a robust tread plate or your own choice to complement existing floor finishes such as stone, slate or tiles.

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Our split level goods lifts in action

Bin split level lift
Indoors split level lift
Outdoor bin split level lift
split level goods lift
Split level lift
Outdoor split level lift

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